Welcome to my world of curated emerging artists!

Growing up in a family of art lovers, I decided to take my passion for art and design and make a business out of it. My friends and family would constantly ask where art pieces of mine came from in my homes. I have always been an avid  art collector myself, and I found I was almost always befriending the artists. I wanted to know what was behind the art, what was the artists story, how did they start, etc. 

I began by introducing the artists I had a deeper connection with to my network in New York City, out on the North Shore of Long island, and then to The Hamptons crowd. My passion for art has always been in my family. My eye for detail definitely came from my mother Harriet and passion for collecting came from both my older brother Danny and younger brother Jason, who have been collecting for years. My mother-in-law Anita has been my biggest cheerleader for years, encouraging me to start a small business. My Uncle Mel sat on the board of The Frick Collection, The Fogg, The MoMA, and The Morgan Library where I grew up visiting almost every weekend. To say my love of art is in the genes is an understatement. It's a family affair! 

I can't wait to hear what you think of the collection I have put together!

Best, Ilene